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Welcome to Shiloh Brew & Chew...Maryville's new steak house. We take pride in our great food, great service and comfortable environment. We are known as the "Home Of The Big ol' Steak".

Feeling like a great cut of meat? Try our aged Prime Black Angus steaks. They rival in taste and tenderness those offered by any other steak house around. We have 4 ounce sirloins cut for kids and up to 12 ounces for the big appetite. Our signature ribeye is beautifully marbled, juicy, savory and full of taste.

Think you are the bravest hombre around? Come try our Big ol' Steak challenge which includes a minimum of an 80 ounce cut to order ribeye. Yes, 5 lbs of Prime Black Angus steak! To celebrate your victory, you will be immortalized on our Wall of Fame and receive a commemorative t-shirt for braggin' rights. Come in to see if YOU can beat the largest steak eaten right here at Shiloh Brew & Chew.

Even though we take pride in having the best steaks around, we also offer a full menu of other delicious cuisine for those who are not inclined to compete against their belly. We have many healthy choices and are always coming up with unique daily specials. Our food, service and environment will not disappoint!
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